Letters Garden حديقة الحروف


Description  in Arabic

هو برنامج تعليمي ترفيهي مسلي للأطفال وحتى الكبار … البرنامج هو لتعليم أصول اللغة العربية قراءة وكتابة وتعلم العديد من المفردات العربية والألوان والأرقام وحتى الخطوط العربية … ما يميز البرنامج هو قدرته على محاكاة الأطفال بأسلوب ممتع من خلال الأصوات والصور والأغاني التي تعلم الطفل بأسلوب سهل وراقي بعيدا عن التعقيد و الصعوبة .حتى أن البرنامج يحتوي على ألعاب تعليمية رائعة من خلالها يتعلم الطفل ايضاً

أقسام البرنامج


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Golden Al-Wafi Translator

Golden Al-Wafi Translator is very good translator, which I was using in my primary school. It translates from Arabic to English, and from English to Arabic. You can give it a try. This is a portable version and the size around 22 MB.


Hope you find it useful. ^_^

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Write Arabic without an Arabic Keyboard

Now you can write in Arabic without an Arabic Keyboard by converting English characters to real Arabic words anyway you type them.

It is really helpful, just try it and you will like it.


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On-Screen Keyboard in Windows XP

On-Screen Keyboard in Windows XP to type in Arabic:

First you must have the Arabic Language installed. If you don’t, see this post to install it installing-arabic-language-in-windows-xp/

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Installing Arabic Language in windows XP

The left image before the installing, and the right image after.

This how to install Arabic script in windows XP. If you don’t have the windows CD then download this:

then follow this step by step installation:

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Arabic Alphabets – Al Abjadyyah

Arabic Alphabets

This is the first thing you need when you want to learn a language, which is the alphabets.

Arabic Alphabets Main window

Arabic Alphabets is a free application that is written in python. We tried to make simple for people to understand and hear the sound clearly. There are also some illustrations for the mouth and tounge that show where the letter is pronounced from (there are some letters with the same pronounciation as English letters).

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